The Minnesota Bach Ensemble was founded in 2013 by conductor Andrew Altenbach, Minnesota Orchestra players Dave Williamson, Basil Reeve and John Miller, and sopranos Linh Kauffman and Madeline Cieslak.

The music of J.S. Bach glows like beacon in music history and every composer of following generations recognizes his influence on his or her own work. Professional and non-professional musicians alike take great pleasure in playing his music which beautifully embodies the longing and joy that each of us experiences within our own lives. There is great richness to his music, paired with intense beauty and emotionalism that gives the performer or listener a profound sense of wholeness without condescension or artificiality.

The immense output of this incredible genius is largely unknown, even to those who devote their lives to classical music. The Minnesota Bach Ensemble’s primary mission is to bring more of this great music to the community of the Twin Cities. We will explore other composers, particularly those who composed just before and after Bach, but our core repertory will always yield to the centripetal force of J.S. Bach. The Minnesota Bach Ensemble aspires to provide opportunities for the community to explore this music on deeper levels. For those who hope to find more richness, beauty and wholeness in their lives, we hope you join us on this journey.